Antique rugs

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How to buy antique rugs, books, paintings & other antiques?

  1. Register as a member (free of charge)
    Bidders can register free of charge. Once registered, our staff will verify your identity in order to avoid fake bids during the online sales & auctions. As a verified member, you can bid on any of the certified antique goods offered on our site.

    We require bank details of members who wish to participate in online auctions and place bids on antiques valued over £15.000. In addition to that, we do require full address details of the person bidding.

  2. Choose the product
    Browse our catalog of antique products in the different product categories (antique books, antique paintings, antique rugs,…). Add your favorite antiques to your personalised wish list to save for later. Start bidding as soon as you wish to place your bids. Use the automated bidding tool to automate the bidding process which will bid for you until your maximum price has been reached.

  3. Enter your maximum price & buy
    Enter the maximum price you are willing to offer for the antiques you wish to become the proud owner of. If other bidders place a higher bid than your maximum price, you are able to raise your maximum bid at any time until the online auction is terminated.

  4. Payment & delivery
    If you have successfully purchased a product at the auction, you will receive notification about your purchase by e-mail and/or by SMS. You are then invited to pay your purchase within 7 days. Once your payment has been received on our end, we will take care of the careful & secure delivery at the delivery address which you can share with us.